Will Magnetic Phone Mounts Affect Your Smartphone?

The increased popularity of the handy magnetic phone mounts has started raising concerns about its effect on the smartphone,  majority of people are concerned with the neodymium magnets that make this holder and suspect that they may be damaging their phones.   It is understandable why a good number of people are curious with the impacts of the magnet on theirs smartphone, early electronic gadgets such as CRT and television were highly susceptible to magnets and if you passed a strong magnetic field near it would distort the pictures, however, modern electronics are advanced and can hardly be affected by a magnetic field like those of neodymium magnets on the phone mount that are relatively weak.  There is no need to be alarmed about the damage of your smartphone by a magnetic phone mount, the garget is too advanced to be destroyed by weak magnetic fields, however, your phone will temporarily loss some minor functionalities which resumes once you remove the phone from the magnetic mount, therefore, it is imperative to understand what happens when you use a magnetic phone mount, to know more continue reading this article. Acquire more information about magnetic phone mounts on this link: https://www.sabertoothpro.com/.

 Having a good understanding of the impacts of magnetic fields on your phone will help you clear your suspicions, a good number of modern smartphones have integrated small magnets that play vital functions such as magnetic wireless charging, compass, and other things, therefore, it is unlikely that your smartphone is not designed to withstand the influence of external magnetic fields.  Though magnet will not destroy your smartphone, strong external magnetic fields affect the proper functioning of the integrated magnetic sensors that interfere with the efficient functioning of your digital compass consequently map app that relies on the digital compass to function properly, smartphone manufacturers recommend you keep your phone far from strong magnetic fields and avoid metal components inside your phone case. Discover more about the magnetic phone mounts on this page.

 The other concern most people have with magnetic phone mount is that they will lose important data such as pictures, emails, contacts, and other things in their smartphone, this is untrue and it is only possible in theory, first, most phones today have memory clips where data is stored unlike in the part where the hard drive was used, and even on the hard drive the data can only be cleared by unimaginable strong magnetic fields, furthermore, modern hard drives have integrated neodymium magnets that assist the arm in writing or erasing and recording data in the hard drive, therefore, it is unrealistic that a weak magnetic phone mount will wipe clean your phone hard drive.  This information addresses various concerns about magnetic phone mounts and their effects on a smartphone. Get a general overview of the topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_switchable_device.